In a matter of seconds, Robin Mowly is thrown into a whole new world -- or two, maybe. She has only two questions: "Is this really epilepsy? And, what's with the EARS?"
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Gosh, its so early in the comic's development that I feel kind of badly -- BUT: I must give a bit of a heads up, I'm going to have a hard time updating starting with next week. School's starting up again and I've got a lot of extracurricular stuff happening on top of that.

Sorry about that. I'll still try my best to update, though!

Thanks for your patience and readership -- I appreciate it.


I've been using the rating system as a sort of supplemental rough ruler to measure my work's quality. It was mostly 5's for a while so I figured "Cool, I guess I'll just keep doing what I have been." It just dropped a whole lot recently to an overal 3.7, so please, when you rate stuff, tell me why you rate the way you do! If it deserves a 1, then please tell me what you think could be done better.

I'm trying to learn how to tell a good story that is visually pleasing, so I would urge you to leave constructive criticism with your ratings, if you could. Thanks very much for reading this, and for your consideration!

Kudos and blesses.

Thanks to Enkida

I was just looking at templates to make my site look nicer, and I'd like to give out a thanks and kudos to Enkida for her wonderful work on making templates for all of us who are pretty html deficient! Yay for her! Have a looksie at her comic things at:


I only posted out-of-schedule to make up for putting in filler on the regular update day. The next page will be out on Sunday at 12:30 P.M. Pacific, as scheduled. That's all.

Its over.

I am going to change the comic title. No questions whatsoever.

The part of my brain that says "ew, I don't speak Japanese" has defeated the part that says "but the title has ALWAYS been Kawaii Reverie! D:".

That's all...>_>


Okay, so I was just kidding when I said I'd wait to post something. I was just seeing how it works, honest! I really do have a lot of pages that are nearing completion though, and a couple of finished products -- the only issue now is that I don't do them in order, so while I have pages 1 and 2 completed, page 3 will be a pain in the butt to draw so I'm doing fun-ish pages before that one. Heh. I guess if I want any sort of regular update I'll have to get off my butt and do that pain in the butt page. Bleh.

So yeah. I'm still working out kinks in the overall story because I'm a work-as-you-go type of person, but the major points are set in stone and the Epilogue is coming along solidly. This is my way of maintaining some sense of regularity and non-laziness during the summertime, hahah. That, and this comic has been sitting on the backburner for 2-3 years now and I have time and inspiration and means to do it.

Yeah! Thanks for reading, God bless and kudos.

Testing, testing...

Well, I'm just making the site so its available and ready when I am. For the time being, though, I want to complete a couple more pages before I really begin posting.(Otherwise I will just NEVER work on the pages. Baaaaaaaaaaaaad.) So yeah. Cool.

Over n' out.

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